SCENE C++ API  2.0.32
Develop Apps for SCENE

What is the required knowledge for API development?

  • You must have a solid understanding of object-oriented programming, especially:
    • how to read and write C++ 14 (or later), and
    • how memory management in modern C++ works.
  • You must understand native application development for Microsoft Windows.
    • We only support the Visual Studio C++ compiler.
    • You must know how to link/include precompiled third-party libraries.
    • You must understand the concepts of writing DLLs and how runtime dependencies are resolved.
  • If your project requires custom user interfaces, you need the knowledge how to implement and integrate those.
    • This is not part of the SCENE API.
  • You need an understanding of data workflows with SCENE, e.g. data model, data structures and processing concepts.

Get Started with the Developer Guides

The developer guides aim to give you an easy entry to SCENE API. You can use these guides to get a step-by-step introduction to general topics like the setup of an app project. The guides aim at providing an easy entry to different aspects of the SCENE API by providing step-by-step examples of how to access the available functionality. The guides are split into two categories which you can choose depending on the type of app you intend to develop.

The Plugin App Developer Guides contain guides specific for the development of plugin apps which directly integrate into the SCENE application while the Standalone App Developer Guides illustrate aspects specific for standalone apps which may access the SCENE API functionality completely independent from the SCENE application.

Explore the Documentation

The documentation section provides detailed insights on specific topics and usage information for the available interfaces regarding the SCENE API. The documentation is split into two categories: The General Documentation covers topics that are of interest both plugin apps and standalone apps while the Plugin App Documentation covers topcis that are specific for plugin apps.

Browse the Code Reference

To get an extensive overview over the SCENE API you can browse the code reference which provides information about all available classes and functions.

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ covers some typical questions around the SCENE C++ API. Please check if your problem/question is documented here before contacting the FARO support channels.

Privacy and Legal Information

You can view the privacy policy and legal information at