SCENE C++ API  2.0.22
Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the API documentation?

There is a web site with this documentation:

An offline version of this documentation is included with the API developer packages. Part of that documentation is also available in the header files of the API itself. All methods and parameters are documented briefly.

Where can I download the API runtime or developer packages?

There is no dedicated download page for the API because you need to sign the NDA before you get access. Please contact customer service to get the download link for the latest version.

How do I report bugs/problems with the API?

Please provide an up-to-date, complete, minimal, and working example project including source code together with any required additional files, information or instructions. Upload it to some file hoster that does not require an account and send us the link together with the description. You can take one of the examples in the developer packages, strip away everything that is not needed and add the code that reproduces your problem or the bug. You must include the following information:

  • Versions: Include the affected API and/or SCENE version numbers.
  • Up-To-Date: We only support the latest released SCENE and API versions. We cannot support older versions or fix bugs in older versions. Make sure your problem exists in the latest released versions of API and SCENE before contacting us!
  • Minimal: Only send the absolute minimal required code to demonstrate the problem. We cannot and will not debug your whole application.
  • Complete: If there is something missing we cannot compile or run the example to reproduce the problem. If we have to add the missing parts, it will cost us a lot of time and we might do something differently and cannot reproduce the bug.
  • Working: We will not implement pseudo code for you or fix obvious C++ bugs/mistakes. We cannot teach you C++ or software development. We expect you to be competent professional C++ software developers.
  • Additional files/data: Sometimes bugs surface only with special data sets. Make sure to include them. Also, include only the minimal amount of files required to reproduce the issue. We do not want your 25GB scan project.
  • Used Tools and Environment: Which API developer package did you use? What compiler/IDE did you use? What operating system and which system language? Did you install all required runtimes?
  • Instructions: Explain the steps required to reproduce the problem with your example application.

You can contact the FARO support here:

Is there a 32bit version of the API?

No, and there never will be one.

Is there a Linux version of the API?

Currently, no Linux version is available. For some simple Standalone API use cases it might be possible to use Wine.

What units are returned by the API?

We use the metric system, so distances are always in meters.

Where can I find a list of attributes available in the API?

The attributes are not documented and will not be, since they are not part of the stable API. We cannot guarantee that they will be the same between different SCENE versions.